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2023 Tournament
& Saint Andrew Church

The Saint Andrew Church Golf Tournament was established not only as a fundraising event for the historic parish of Saint Andrew Church, but as a way to build a greater sense of community within our parish and former alumni of Saint Andrew School.

All proceeds from this year's event will go toward the fund to support and maintain the physical buildings (the church, the "big school," and the annex) as well as the church grounds. 

Together, with your support, the success of this year's golf tournament will help continue the strong history and tradition of Saint Andrew Parish. 


About St. Andrew Church


St. Andrew Church history goes back 150 years to the efforts and sacrifices of many wonderful people who founded the parish in 1871.

We have grown from the original wooden church building on the corner of West Sixth and Raspberry streets to the complex which exists today of two school buildings, a beautiful stone church and a large rectory.


All of this has come about through the dedication and stewardship of our parish ancestors. We are most grateful for the work of faith which is manifest in our parish plant.

To learn more about Saint Andrew Church, please visit

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